Jakarta city tour: Museum of Bank Indonesia

Yellow, everyone! Happy Sunday!

It’s been awhile since I wrote my last post. These past months was very crazy and busy for work. Well…I wish that was the case. But, actually…I am just being lazy to write 😦

But, hey…I am back again in writing! Yeay!!! XD

In my new post, I decided to post one of my trip with my members in interview team. We called it Jakarta City Tour. Yes, out trip was on in JTwon. Can you imagine when all interview members is going on a trip together? Yes…the office will be chaos. There is no one that will take interview No recommendation will be send to client, and…it will be down force in our company income.


So sorry for making too much excuse people….hehehe

Okay! Lets be focus on the post!

credit: wikimedia.org

We went to Kota, one of the famous area in South Jakarta. We managed to visit Bank Indonesia Museum. Why I said we managed? Because…it was actually the last place that we visited in Kota.

Bank Indonesia is a central bank which is a very important institution and vital in the life of the national economic condition in Indonesia. It was established on July 1st 1953. In side of the museum, we can see the history of Indonesian economic and banking.









One of the best moment was when we saw the GOLD. The museum open their old big-save-deposit box for public. We though that we were going to see the money, lots of money. But, we don’t. What found golds! Yes, GOLD with the ‘S.


I even take a selfie with the gold myself. Feeling like a rich lady!!! What, what?!


By the way, I don’t really know the gold is real or not. Still…we were very happy.

Oh, yeah…we also saw cool things from the past. Like old soldiers outfit and old pictures.




I also took a selfie outside the museum building. The light is very good for selfie. XOXO

If you happen to go for a vacation to Jakarta, or…you are in Jakarta area. The Museum of Bank Indonesia is one of the best place to go.

Enjoy Jakarta!


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