Shrek The Musical: Review of Jakarta’s performance

May is always kind to me. I said this not because this is the month when I was born. In May, twice a row, I got to see two of my favorite Broadway performance. Last year, I saw “Beauty and The Beast”, and this year…I got to saw “SHREK”.


Fun fact, “Shrek The Musical” performance in Jakarta, is the first ever performance in Asia. It is an honor for my country to have such a famous Broadway performance in my J Town. Actually, I had seen their performance in the internet, by streaming. I was watching Sutton Foster as Princess Fiona and Brian d’Arcy James as Shrek. They are both two of my favorite actress and actor in Broadway, and they also both performed great as Shrek and Princess Fiona.

I walked in to Ciputra Artpreneur Theater on last Friday (May 20th, 2016), with high expectation and joy. Oh, I forgot to tell! My ticket was my birthday present from my office mates at PT Pasona HR Indonesia. I am so happy because they are so kind and caring.

Shrek 2

Pictured (left – right): Brian d’Arcy James (Shrek), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), & Sutton Foster (Princess Fiona). Photo credit: Playful Productions

Okay, come back to my Shrek performance in Jakarta!

The Act — The cast are different (indeed…). The stage act also have changes. I understand that there are some changes in the act scene due to technical problems. Ciputra Artpreneur Theater might not have complete technical support that needed by the original performance.

But, there are some entertaining act that was cut from the show. One act that I remember from the video streaming that I watched, was when Lord Farquaad asking to The Mirror about the fit candidate for her queen. That act was so funny. It was the combination between modern talk-show, comedy, and fairy-tale at the same time. Honestly, I am quite sad because could not see The Mirror in the performance last Friday.

All Fiona Song — For all the songs in “Shrek The Musical” performance, the most favorite song for me is “I Know It’s Today”. Sutton Foster and the rest of original cast of Teenage Princess Fiona and The Young Princess Fiona, sang this song with a perfect pitch and emotion. I really felt the story telling by their singing.

I do not want to say that the cast of all Fiona in Jakarta, was not singing it with the perfect pitch. But, I think the original cast members of Princess Fiona, sang it with perfect emotion and attitude. The desperation message, the funny kind of princess attitude, and the bipolar vibe was so real.


Photo credit: Love For Musicals

Lord Farquaad Outshine Shrek and Donkey — I think, the one who played Lord Farquaad in Jakarta’s performance, was so great. His acting skill is good and funny. He can played the role of narsistic Lord Farquaad so well. When he had to be in one scene with Shrek and Donkey, he outshine both of the main characters. People laugh at him while Shrek was talking, this is the same with other characters.


Photo credit: Playful Productions

Stage Decoration — I have experience working as stage decoration staff. I was the chief of stage decoration team in my old Japanese Theater group ENJUKU. That experience gave me little knowledge about stage decoration. From my seat, which is the last row in the balcony, there was some little miss in the stage decoration.

Compere to the play of “Beauty In The Beast”, the stage decoration of “Shrek The Musical” looked less magical. Maybe, this is because the stage decoration use more video digital than a four dimension property. I also notice that the black man also had some mistake. I could saw them hiding behind the properties.

Dragon — The Dragon was so amazing! She was so alive, and magical. Her green eyes sparked power and compassion at the same time. She also flew like a real dragon.


Photo credit: The Rock River Times

If you ask me, do I like the performance of Shrek in Jakarta? The answer is yes. I like the show and still cherish the moment till today. I give 4 stars for “Shrek The Musical” global tour!

Shrek The MusicalCadillac Palace Theatre
Shrek The Musical Cadillac Palace Theatre (Photo Credit: Playful Production



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