BROADWAY, the history

First post!

Wow, it’s great to be back in writing a blog! In 2013, I stopped blogging due to by busy work as a new recruitment consultant. But, when the year 2016 is starting, I miss blogging again and decided to make a new blog.

Okay, then! Lets start writing!


BROADWAY. Who doesn’t know this busy place nowadays? It’s the most busy city in the entertainment world today. There are lots of performance and arts growing and showing their glamours every day.

Broadway is located in New York, which is located in the theater district and Lincoln Center, in Midtown Manhattan. This theater district is a popular tourist attraction in New York city. Most of major performances shown there, are musicals and become the enormously influential form of American popular culture. It also helped make New York city the cultural capital of America.

Early Days of Broadway

It was in 1750, when Walter Murray and Thomas Kean established a resident theater company at the theater on Nassau Street. They introduced a play of Shakespeare and ballad operas, such as THE BEGGAR’S OPERA.

When the revolutionary war happened, the theater activities also suspended. After the war was over, Park Theater was built in 1798 and Bowery Theater opened in 1826, others also followed.

In the 19’s century, practically Broadway was owned by a handful of families and contained little more than a few farms. Surprise?! Yes, I am. It was the theatrical entrepreneur Oscar Hammerstein built his Victoria Theater on West 42nd street, which docked in the Hudson River. You can read his biography in Oscar Hammerstein I’s wikipedia.


photo credit: wikipedia

Not like any other capital cities of Europe, New York is not defined by great public squares. According to spot light on broadway, the area was used-and celebrated- as “the crossroads of the world”. It was the most trendy and happening cities in the world. It had hotels and theater. The subway construction opened in 1904, also supported growth and success of theater district and was pivotal to the area’s.

Broadway is a main artery of New York life – the hardened artery. (Walter Winchell)

Many people still love going to Broadway, New York, to see musical theater. There are more than 20 theaters in this area, and still growing to far more great musical theater performance this year.

Arts and culture are two related things that will grow and fall by the society. But, their existence will always give people hope for a better society.


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